1. Click on the song icon - a new page opens with song music player.

2. Click the FILE pull down Menu - select Save As, or (Save Page As).

3. Type or Paste the name of the song. The first song should look like this - Evolving Paths.mp3

4. Save file to a folder on the Desktop - Click Save. Repeat steps for each song. Play back on iPod or iTunes.



Evolving Paths CD

Evolving Paths

Journey From Tashkent

Longer To Shorter

Advice From A Friend

On The Spot

Down For The Count

Double Enigma

Live Performances

Evolving Paths - Live

Point Man - Live

Down For The Count - Live

Mirage - Live

On The Spot - Live


Joseph Pernicano 
Onacinrep Music/BMI © 2005-2017